Here In This Post I am Going To Show You previous Time  50 Repeted & Mosr Important  Topic For Airforce Group – Discussion 2021.

In Upcomming Post We Discuss About Self Introduction & About The Topic In Details.

Important Topic For Airforce Group - Discussion 2021


Airforce XY Group Phase Second Exam 2020

1- Special 50+ GD Topic from Selected Candidate
2- Online Live Session Through Video Conference Where U Can Participate
3- Before The Exam 100+ Topic For Gd In Our Live Session
4- All of Previous Time 40 to 50 Expected GD Topic
5- Follow these steps and crack GD

Here I am Going To Show You previous Time Last 50 GD
Topics Which Are Very helpful To all Of You …

Airforce X & Y Group | Group Discussion | AT2 |


S. No.

GD. Topics

Page Number



Guidelines For GD

Hi Friends  here I will talk about, the procedure, how you can break GD without any problem. How you can set yourself up before your Group Discussion.

  1. You will be sent to a room for group discussion where you will get an air force officer and an airman
  2. After entering the room, you will be given an average of 15 members in the group.
  3. After that you will be given a written page, in which you will have a pregraph related to your GD  topic, which will give you 5 to 10 minutes to read .
  4. After it they will collect photo copy paper of your topic.
  5. After that you have to introduce yourself one by one, which you have to finish in about 30 to 40 seconds and at the same time you have to give your thoughts about your gd topic and also you have to finish it in 30 to 60 need to avoid the same sentence
    you read in the given paragraph. your opinion should be different form given paragraph.
  6. you can discuss your topic good and bed point. How you can improve it, how it will
    affect your life, importance in your life. and so on.
  7. after it they will call you to discuss about your topic with your group members and all
    of you will discuss and they will watch your discussion and give you marks according to
    your performs, you need 25 marks out of 50 to qualify this At2 , those marks will not
    affect your merit position this test is only qualifying in nature .
  8. during the discussion they will show your confidence of taking dissension ability. And
    how you will react during any situation. So be confident in discussion.
  9. to avoid the lake of confidence and nervousness take long 4-5 breath before your turn
    for discussion, and don’t think what will be the result just do your best everything will be
  10. use only English language during your discussion.
  11. Your English is grammatically correct, it is not necessary. Your thoughts should be understood by your group member.
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